WELCOME and thanks for taking the time to learn all about the work that we do with young people through our week-long residential, which is now in it's 15th year!

It's a wonderful melting pot for young people from all denominations and walks of life, where they are allowed to express themselves in their own way while sharing, learning and encouraging each other.  

We help to develop their leadership and communication skills and foster a sense of civic responsibility in them - and all of this while having lots of fun!

The following are just some of he things that the young people enjoy during our 8-day residential:

  • Learning life skills
  • Engaging in teamwork and teambuilding
  • Volunteering in the community
  • Receiving relevant teaching
  • Parcipating in creative workshops
  • Planning and taking part in powerful worship
  • Learning to appreciate the differences in each other
  • Encouraging and supporting each other
  • Building lasting friendships

Yes, all that in just a week!  Why not take a look at our Testimonies page to hear what the young people have to say themselves.

We believe that family and community play a significant role in the lives of the young people which is why we encourage parents to pop in throughout the week when they can.  We also host a CELEBRATION DAY at the end of the mission where family, friends and members of the church congregation are invited to come and enjoy a fun, food and fellowship with games and entertainment and a showcase of all that the young people have learned while at the mission.

This year we will be having our Celebration Day on Friday, 29th July from 4pm - 8pm and we hope to see you there!

If you would like to speak to someone to learn more, drop us an email a member of our Managment Team will contact you.